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EtherCAT Motion Controller          

EtherCAT slave devices (to DSPEtherCAT motion controller master) read the data addressed to them while the frame passes through the device. Similarly, input data is inserted while the telegram passes through. The frames are only delayed by a few nanoseconds. Since an EtherCAT frame comprises the data of many devices, both in the send and receive directions, the usable data rate increases to over 90%. The full-duplex features of 100BaseTX are fully utilized, so that effective data rates of > 100 Mbit/s (>90% of 2 x 100 Mbits/s) can be achieved.

The DSPEtherCAT protocol is optimized for process data (the data is transported directly within the Ethernet frame)

Line, tree, or star: EtherCAT supports almost any topology.

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