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Five to Eight Axis Motion Controller        

The Mx4000PC_OCT (Mx4 Octavia) is a 5 to 8-axis PCI bus motion controller designed to address the needs of automation applications. The Mx4 Octavia is the industry’s most powerful parallel processing motion controller; both in performance and functionality in factory automation. The Mx4 Octavia is fueled by Texas Instruments DSPs arranged in a quad hypercube DSP architecture. This configuration yields over 100 million instructions per second of parallel processing power. This processing capability translates to controller features such as direct NURBS interface, coordinated 8-axis cubic spline interpolation, 16-microsecond control loop update rate, complex trajectory compensations, and multi-stage notch filter implementations.

The Mx4000PC_OCT is 100% software/hardware compatible with Mx4 and Mx4 cnC++. Software developed on Mx4/Mx4 cnC++ can be migrated to Mx4 Octavia.The Mx4 Octavia communicates to the host through an expanded 8 k byte dual-port RAM interface. This interface supports real-time command rate executions of 200 microseconds, as well as 8-axis state variable and controller status updates at 200-microsecond intervals. In addition to real-time command (RTC) and contouring programming, the Mx4 Octavia includes concurrent DSPL and PLC programmability, running simultaneously with RTCs and contouring.

The Mx4 Octavia is 100% connector compatible with Mx4/Mx4 cnC++. Eight axes are included on the mainboard, no daughterboards are necessary. The J7 and J6 50-pin headers include the servo command/encoder feedback connectorization for axes 1-4 and axes 5-8, respectively. Mx4 Octavia I/O comprises 32 digital inputs and 32 digital outputs.