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DSP Control Group

DSP Control Group, Inc. was founded by a group of scientists specializing in various areas of Motion Control, Medical, Neural Network, and Digital Signal Processing. The company has been involved in the development of DSP-based control chips and boards serving the medical, general automation, and machine tools markets. The founders of DSPCG carry many years of academic research and industrial experience in DSP and ASIC gate array design, the theory of optimum control, and the application of Kalman filtering in motion systems. In a cooperative work, The Oakridge National Labs & Lockheed-Martin tested and reported the superiority of the company’s motion control products in performance demanding applications.

Dr. Sy Meshkat, the company’s president, has many years of experience as a professor of Electronic Engineering, and consultant with the DSP division of Texas Instruments. He has designed and taught Texas Instruments DSP Control Workshops nationally. Dr. Meshkat has published well over 100 technical articles and authored three books in various motion control areas. His recent publication “DSPs in Motion Control” is being taught by Texas Instruments. He holds numerous patents in the areas of multi-processing parallel DSP motion controller design, robust motion controller design and, current synthesis in motion control drive systems. The company has worked with Texas Instruments as a third party since the 1990s.

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Humble beginnings

DSP Control Group, Inc. starts operation, using the seed money provided by the program called “The Next Generation of Control”.

New headquarters

The company moves its headquarters to Edina Minnesota.

Opening a new location in Milan, Italy

DSP Control Group, Inc. opens sales and technical service offices in Milan, Italy.

The company starts serving the mil-spec markets with its mil-spec. products

The company starts offering its products to the mil-spec markets with the introduction of its high-speed Parallel-DSP Computerized controllers. A 30-page report by Martin Marietta/Oak Ridge National Labs (report YDX-2267), highlights the superior performance of the Mx4 family (the company’s products) in very high-precision, high-speed applications.

World wide coverage

The company offers its products in Asia, Europe, and Australia through a wide distribution network.

Introducing ultra high-speed network products

The company offers a wide range of high-speed network products that connect a variety of industrial devices in automation systems. The protocols offered include EtherCAT, Profinet RT, and IRT, EPL PowerLink, DSPNET, Mechatrolink III, Firewire, and the DeviceNet.