Programming Mx4 in Windows xp and 7

Introducing ActiveX Mx4 xp and 7
Take the bullet train to 32-bit application development with ActiveX Mx4 on Visual Basic, C, and Visual C++.  With our adjustable ActiveX Mx4 control (also referred to as an OLE or OCX control), you can create applications that communicate with all DSP Control Group control products. All communications to Mx4 are easily achieved with virtually no programming effort, allowing you to concentrate on your application.


What Is ActiveX Mx4 95/NT?
This software is a communication and building block library designed to provide efficient communication and application development to all members of the Mx4 motion computer control family. Unlike other forms of sofocx3.jpgtware libraries, which often require extensive programming time, OCX control is a new form of library functions that has revolutionized Windows programming. Along with the communication functionality, ActiveX Mx4 includes application building blocks including state variable and input/output monitoring as well as controller interrupt programming. In conjunction with the Mx4 DLL, the user has access to the complete range of Mx4 functionality, including program and data download utilities and real-time commands.

What Is An ActiveX/OCX Control?
The OCX controls are the latest addition to Microsoft’s OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) family, providing an astonishing compatibility to almost any development application software. The OCX controls, also referred to as reusable components, give you the convenient way to incorporate advanced functionality into your applications with minimum programming effort.

You Can Use ActiveX Mx4 With…
ActiveX Mx4 can be used with the 32-bit version of Visual Basic version 4.0 or greater, Visual C++ version 4.0 or greater, and just about any development package that supports OCX controls. In our documents, most of the examples and descriptions will be on Visual Basic, but they apply equally to Visual C++. Windows NT and Windows 95 are both supported.

What Built In Functions Does ActiveX Mx4 Have?
With ActiveX Mx4 and the Mx4 DLL, we have added many useful functions that enhance your capabilities. A partial listing of commonly used functions (or, more technically speaking, methods) include:

  • State Variable Monitoring
  • Input/Output Monitoring
  • Interrupt Monitoring
  • Program Download
  • Real-Time Commands
  • Data Table Download Utilities
  • Communication Setup/Initialization

ActiveX Mx4 is one of several special development tools which are aimed at making Mx4 "Human-Machine Interface" (HMI) applications easier to create than ever before.  If you are using Visual Basic or C++ to create an Mx4 HMI, ActiveX Mx4 and the Mx4 DLL will put you on the fast track to application development. In less than a few minutes, you can have a Visual Basic program running and communicating with Mx4.