Single axis stand-alone motion controller with power amplifier

The XDSP_ac stand-alone is a low cost single axis stand-alone motion controller, which satisfies the demands of high performance, size-critical servo drive applications. It combines the computational speed of DSPs with the power of self-protected current loop amplifier in a small size package. The XDSP_ac Stand-alone controls brush type DC, brushless DC and AC induction motors using state-of-the-art control algorithms for vector control, current, velocity and position regulations, and optimum trajectory generation.

The XDSP_ac Stand-alone is offered with and without power modules. The outputs of this control board are either PWM signals for applications where the flexibility of a software-based current loop is desirable, or analog current commands for applications where ordinary current loop amplifier is used. The XDSP_ac Stand-alone combines sinusoidal commutation and vector control.