Add-on Stepper motor controller board


The serial adapter option, ACC4-IO-ADC, enables the user to use any member of the Mx4 controller family outside of the computer rack as a stand-alone unit or as a serially programmable unit inside the computer. Either RS-232 or RS-485 with multi-drop capabilities can be used. The Acc4 works with Mx4 PC/AT, VME and Multibus platforms. The STP4 is a 4-axis Stepper option for the Mx4 Family of controllers. The STP4 simply plugs onto the Mx4 controller as a daughterboard, providing both STEP and DIRECTION outputs for those axes (any combination of axes 1-4) selected for stepper drive control.

The STP4 is DSP-based, providing step rates up to 500 kHz. Step motor driver enable signal(s) are available through the Mx4 I/O.