Five to eight axis motion controller with servo drive features

The Mx4000OCT_SA_COM motion controller is designed to address the needs of 5-8 axis stand-alone motion computer control with drive commutation features. The comprehensive commutation enables the users to use this product with all industrial AC induction and brushless DC motors. The digital current loops closed in this product provide tight and robust servo-loop performance.

This product is the industry's most powerful parallel processing controller, both in performance and functionality. The Mx4 Octavia is fueled by Texas Instruments DSPs arranged in a quad hyper cube DSP architecture. This configuration yields over 100 million instructions per second of parallel processing power. This processing capability translates to motion controller features such as direct NURBS interface, coordinated 8-axis cubic spline interpolation, 16 microsecond computer control loop update rate, complex trajectory compensations and multi-stage notch filter implementations. The add-on Vx8++ card with commutation and current loop features is required to complete the stand-alone package for factory automation.